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Back Story. Lawrence has been painting for decades. Working with a color palette is a lifetime exercise to achieve the brilliance in oil colors stroked on these canvasses.

Stories Untold. Images from a distance become clearer and like cave drawings, street art, graphic novels, each painting tells a history of organic to bio-chemical, to fusion & synthesis, to technology influenced by alien cultures.

Influences. The vibrant color schemes are reminiscent of a mixture of Kandinsky, Frazetta, Matta, and Francis Bacon. With Haring and Basquiat themes centered from street art, many of those themes are repeated in this 25 plus piece collection. The picture above shows scale of the paintings in a home environment.

More about the Artist. Lawrence moved to NYC in 1987. He painted in his East Village studio until 1992 where he obtained a painting loft in Tribeca at 62 White Street. In the late zeros, he moved to the Lower East Side in a new loft around the corner from Keith Haring old studio at Broome and Bowery. He collects comic art by Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, and many others. He had a rare 1939-1942 comic book collection that acted as an inspiration for his work. Cave drawings, graffiti, street art, public art, murals, comic & graphic art, and other artists influenced his development.


5 Foot X 6 Foot Each Painting

20190127_LARRY_ARTWORK8209 (1).jpg


20190127_LARRY_ARTWORK8137 (1).jpg


20190127_LARRY_ARTWORK8132 (1).jpg


20190127_LARRY_ARTWORK8198.upside2 (1).jpg


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